Bear with Kippah-available

Perfect Puppy-adopted

Curly the Duck-available

Freeman the Fox-available

Ricky the Reindeer-adopted

Loveys are mini-blankets to love and snuggle. As with my baby blankets, they provide babies and toddlers with instant comfort, reduce anxiety and help them settle. These loveys are seriously soft and stylish. They are all one of a kind whimsical animals with co-ordinating mini blankets attached to them.. fully washable . Many children love to take their baby blankets with them....these are smaller and more portable..they are approx 14 x 17 inches

100 % finest quality cotton

$ 30.00 each + shipping

NEW OPTION: Personalized Lovey blankets ! Due to popular can now order a slightly larger mini lovey blanket with the child's name knit into the border !                           $ 50.00 + shipping

Don the Dino-available

Oscar the Owl-adopted

Busy Bee-adopted

Bobby the Bear-adopted

SnoopyDog-I am adopted

One of a Kind Crochet / Knit Lovey Blankets

Canada 150 moose-available

Cora the kitten-adopted

Great Canadian Moose-version 2

Gerald the giraffe-adopted

Louis the lamb-adopted

Douglas the Donkey-adopted

Tillie the Turtle-adopted

Emma the owl-available

Paul the Panda Bear-available

Flora the Unicorn-available

Daisy the duck-I have been adopted

Rocky Racoon-adopted

Manny the Moose-available 

Pauly the Penguin-available

Wendi the winking owl-adopted

Babs the Bear-adopted

Darling duck-I have been


Babs the Bunny-available

Harry the Hippo- I have been adopted


The great Canadian Moose-available

Molly Mouse-I am adopted

Fred the Frog-available

Curly the Elephant-adopted

Sweet Bear- I am adopted